Living in the sweet spot in the midst of loss!

Yes, living!  Not finding it but embracing the sweet spot and having gratitude for living sweetly, living abundantly in the face of loosing so much!  That is my choice.  Sounds so easy as I write this but the past twenty years have prepared me for this moment.  I am ready!

What is the sweet spot?  Macmillan’s Dictionary defines it as the best possible place or combination of factors.  I like it.  Living in the best possible place.

Everyone has losses!  Loss begins on day one of your life.  You leave the warmth of your mother’s womb and you cry.  Loss is a natural part of life.  There are books out that write about resiliency.  __________ writes in her book. . . . . . Blah, blah blah!

My journey, each day has been to seek to live an abundant life in the midst of experiencing losses.  What are the losses?

  • the end of a 25 year marriage.  Interesting that when I wrote this I did not use “my” marriage.  It was “a marriage.”  That’s telling!
  • Living the empty nest in the midst of a separation and divorce.
  • Finding love again and then he has a massive stroke.
  • A rip in the relationship with my oldest child.  I have not heard his voice in ___ years.
  • Growing older and living a new way of life.